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edit : did anybody participate and not get marked down on this list? (link) Contact me with your EXACT player name (even capitalization) and I'll make sure your added, and please, do it ASAP, if you wait too long you may not get your participation reward.

This is what happened in Warpgate after the 1200 man Guinnes World Records 3 way scrap. So many damn EMP's/Connies. Few of our boys were in the midst of it, if you missed out, well shit outta luck, you shoulda signed up, but at least you can see our victory celebration :

RIGHT! Time to get shit moving again ey chaps. Past month or so I been getting me 'touch' back after a few months break from leading and now I'm starting to get back in form figured its time to reset the formal session schedule. From there we'll see about setting culture, setting mid week sessions, start recruiting again, and finally we'll reintroduce training, we'll be back where we were and past it before you know it don't you worry about that. Anyone wants to volunteer for leading a session holla at me, we'll be sorting the rest of the schedule probably in a couple weeks once this one really settles in. As for the scheedule, at the moment it is simply :

Fridays : 7-9pm PST - Led by AceRimmer
Saturdays : 7-9pm PST -
Led by FoxKrieg
Sundays : 7-9pm PST -
Led by boldeagle3

Though keep in mind we will still be on daily this is just a pillar of formal sessions to really set the culture on and start building around, in addition to giving new recruits a time to get on to really turn them from boys into men, and get them enthusiastic about the operation and how we get shit 'done'.

Also a reminder, we've been using the CSTB ts not our one, address is as follows :

Also, another reminder, warn your mother, lock up your sister, Drunken Karaoke Night is coming up on the 31st, details on the news post below this one.
Long story short we're organizing a drunken Karaoke night, January 31 7pm PST, click 'read more' for the official poster. Could use some volunteers to help stream/record/backup person to play music on prox for singing along to, and of course, for being obnoxious, inebriated smartasses, though 2 outta 3 ain't bad with that one.

Also if any of you wanna spread this around official forums/twitter/reddit/etc, please do.


Ace Rimmer posted Dec 24, 14  -  Clan Wide

Dunno what you lads are doing but I'm waking up, cooking for a few hours to prepare for Xmas lunch, then getting thoroughly inebriated, will see ya either in the evening or on Boxing Day. Will make sure I down a few for you lads.


Oh, and while I'm at it, load up on Christmas Cheer with this video I made last Xmas eve :

ShooterMcGavin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONFsGDUbaXA ...
I'll keep this simple guys, there's an 1100 man battle being organized.
If your in follow the rabbit hole: (link)

I'm also scheduling this into the site Calender so sign up on there too.
And if your not sure when it is I converted the time for ya: (link)
TheTiberon Ill be in another state doing training... last year I rarely got cell signal, let alone a internet connection, unless so ...
ShooterMcGavin I Applied.