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Fair warning lads

Ace Rimmer posted Wed at 6:34  -  Clan Wide

I been crook for the past couple weeks so I been a bit slacker than normal, on the up n out at the moment though. Don't sweat will be back on usual pace before ya know it. Big, big plans on the way lads, stay tuned ite.

Corvosin Does this mean you'll finally look at the spec ops form?
Moddakk We're right here.

Bring out your dead.

Ace Rimmer posted Tue at 19:38  -  Clan Wide

Getting ready for a recruitment spree and restructuring, but beforehand need to do an 'AWOL member cleanout', for one reason or another these people gone awol and ain't been on much if at all, giving some of the former regulars a chance to give a reason as to why they should not be removed as they've earned at least a chance to speak their piece. If there is no response soon they will be marked as MIA or be deleted.

   Jal Calan

Ace Rimmer Yo corrupt gimme a yell if you still want that recommendation for BWC, I know a bunch of lads over there.
corruptmagician Actually, after looking at the list the second time, this isn't a "non-active players" deletion, these are all ...
corruptmagician Do what you want, i lost quite bit of interest in PS2. Other than yourself i get no invites to game from any bastards. ...

Been collecting footage for this for a while now. Finally got it near something I'm happy with. Whaddya reckon lads? 
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SGTSlippery uhhhh this is freaking awesome. AWESOME DUDE.
Corvosin Looks good.

Because Reasons

Ace Rimmer posted Jun 11, 14  -  Planetside 2

Aight, don't ask how this came about, you don't wanna know. 7pm PDT Saturday, we're doing proximity karaoke singing Bohemian Rhapsody at Amerish Warpgate, right in the center. Be on early, I'll be forming up at 6.30pm PDT, we'll do some Lib/Reaver/Harrasser runs while waiting or something. Should only take 5-10 minutes, but it'll be fun, AVE IT SLAGS.

And yo, have no shame, worrying about what other people think is weakness so go ahead, make a fool of yourself, top of the lungs ladies, will be good for a giggle.


corruptmagician Ahh, return of karaoke haha... good times man... good times.

Was gonna put this off until the new PS2 training regime is up but I changed my mind, I know I just dragged ya from TS3 into in game not long ago to do some recruiting (and its been working wonders) but gonna start dragging people over from in game into TS3 again one person at a time, to save me putting a boot up your ass, run through this when ya got a couple spare minutes :

Once we get some decent traffic back on there we're going to kick off an RTS chapter and start recruiting on forums again, we'll have recruits streaming in from Planetside 2, Star Citizen, RTS's and general recruitment all headed onto that TS3 so get on there n help me kick it off, because I need some traffic on there in the first place to build around.

And yo, don't be shy either, head over there and say hello to people, be a smartass, organize game sesh's with people, whatever, between us we should be able to build a pretty kickass crowd eh. I got some devious schemes cooking too so stay tuned.


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