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I'll keep this simple guys, there's an 1100 man battle being organized.
If your in follow the rabbit hole: (link)

I'm also scheduling this into the site Calender so sign up on there too.
And if your not sure when it is I converted the time for ya: (link)
TheTiberon Ill be in another state doing training... last year I rarely got cell signal, let alone a internet connection, unless so ...
ShooterMcGavin I Applied.
First of all, yes, the Title was a Blues Brothers reference, deal with it. Secondly, I've had about a month off after 2 years on the job, but I reckon I'm ready to dive back in. Details below
Brasidas Somebody should start paying this guy.

Ite lads

Ace Rimmer posted Nov 14, 14  -  Clan Wide
Yeah, I know, I've had about a month off, hell I earned it after 2 years on the job, just a heads up, been hard at work past few days doing a bit of paperwork to prepare for diving back into things, as a result of this site may go down for up to 24 hours sometime early next week due to a url change (reserved a new one, old one should auto redirect to it), whoooole bunch of other stuff in the cooker too so stay tuned, also thinkin about time to start kicking off scheduled sessions again too, more on that in my next news post.

Got an important bit o news for you lads regarding overall direction of the clan, too long to post here, will link you to the forum post, give us a yell on there eh, CHEERS LADS!


Schedule Update

Ace Rimmer posted Sep 30, 14  -  Planetside 2
Orite lads, Rat's stepped up and decided to take a couple mid week sessions which suits me just fine. He's volunteered to handle Tuesday and Thursday 3-5pm PST, so if your up and about at that time, get on and wrassle some gaters with him, and as usual, I'll be on most days at about 7pm PST give or take. May try edge that back to 5 Tuesdays and Thursdays so I can tag team with Rat, but we'll see eh, gotta shake this insomnia before I commit too strongly to any given schedule, but ey, I'm working on it, insomnias a cunt, oh yeah, and don't forget to get along to a random games night, try n get together n play something OTHER than PS2, just jump on TS3 n holla at someone, you'll figure it out. New schedule is as follows, CHEERS LADS!

Ratlan - 3-5pm PST Tuesday and Thursday
AceRimmer - 7-9pm PST Friday
AceRimmer - Basic training (if theres enough guys on to run it) 6-7pm PST Saturday
boldeagle3 - 7-9pm PST Saturday
Random Games Night - 7-??? PST Sunday and Wednesday