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I still have to rescout locations (I'll probably have that done before ya read this anyway) BUT, I think I've distilled it down quite considerably, and I do mean distilled, the individual soldier should still be of the same caliber if not higher, 90% of the stuff I scrapped was theory that can be moved to leadership training and is probably better off there. I reckon the lesson structure is much better and abides closer to the 4 stages of building a team (Forming>Storming>Norming>Performing), I can go into a 2 hour rant on the psychology of it if you must hear more on that, I'll skim over it for now though.

Down from 23 headings to 13, many of which are half the length. I've also changed the way many of the lessons are taught to make them more teaching reflex's to situations that pop up rather than theories they have to compute and figure out the reflex's on their own AND take not as long to teach not to mention being clearer. Also considering scrapping LA and Robocop sections, what you reckon? Any feedback for me?

Also to be clear, none of the graduates from 1.0 have to redo it unless they want to, but there is a couple of you that still need to drop your assessment form, you'll find it under Applications. Get it done lads or ya won't get the rank and the respect that goes with it.

This the ol version 1.0

This the new Version 1.1
Ace Rimmer LA thing can be taught to Officers and figured out in field, Robocop thing I'm still 50/50 on, gonna try and figure out ...
Rndmtsk I agree with the idea of scrapping the LA and Robocop sections from basic training. I think they'ed fit better in an adv ...

Thanks guys

Ace Rimmer posted Aug 9, 14  -  Planetside 2
Really appreciate you guys helping me run through training today, gave me a really good handle on what I can cut, what I can distill, what needs changing, etc. I also got a really good handle on what makes the biggest difference on the individual and what are the concepts that can be moved to advanced/leadership training. Woulda taken me a month on paper, after some hands on it'll take me a couple days cause I got a much better handle on what needs doing. I reckon I can cut down the overall time by about half now, cause I know exactly where it needs it and where it can't be afforded, cause I know what makes the biggest difference on the group of cadets and what does not.

A simple way of explaining it is, that I reckon I can break it down and distill it further into 'building blocks' and then instruct leaders on different ways of assembling those 'blocks', if ye know what I mean.


Orite Lads, bit to get through so I'll try n put a couple subheadings in, click 'Read the rest of this post'

Brasidas Does this mean I have to earn all my titles again? I was actually about to hire a Herald to announce my entry, complete ...

Menu System Overhaul

Ace Rimmer posted Aug 3, 14  -  Clan Wide

Overhauling the sites menu's, done a lot already, gonna polish the visual aspects of it a little, got a couple things I'm gonna add, got a way to have for example a list of the clans youtube/twitch channels and stuff like that. Trying to figure out how to handle chapter specific menu's at the moment, not sure if there's room for em so might have to shuffle things around. Early days yet, will post up again when I'm done, gimme some feedback n ideas yo!

Also, any of you code? I'm considering making a signature generator and adding it to the site (got a few other priorities to handle first though)



Edit : considering moving indoctrination to info, putting a 'Chapters' button there, moving chapter menu's there, sound good? Or that cramping it in too much?

Edit : fixed the tag sync between the forums and TS3, changed how tags are displayed on the site to make it more efficient.

Edit : thinking get the indoctrination bit to show up when your not in a chapter, when you are it moves to info and is replaced by the 'chapter links', don't ask how, I have my ways.

Edit : had trouble getting the whole indoctrination button moving thing working, the tags just wouldn't stick, will look at it again tomorrow. Moved Indoctrination to info section, created Chapters section, moved 2 Chapter menu's to there. Granted Moderator access to the module, have a fiddle, but remember, if you break it you fix it =p. Next up, finish last couple notes on training, get training assessment done and added to the menu, after that its all good innit. Need a nap first though. Also, thinking I need to find some way to draw attention to the TS3 module, its very unassuming in its current form, maybe I'll just change it to giant text that says 'HEY! FUCKFACE! CLICK HERE!' or something like that.


Edit : Removed the 'visitor taskbar' that non members and people logged out see, made it all one task bar. Moved Ambassador App to 'Applications'.

Edit : Don't hover over the buttons


Edit : Top menu should be both a bit sexier and easier to read now.


Moddakk Looks nice.

Orite Lads

Ace Rimmer posted Jul 30, 14  -  Clan Wide

Don't sweat lads, I got a few projects in the works. Working on new training regime, bunch of site development stuff planned, few propaganda projects and general projects in the planning stage, etc. Putting last few pieces on the edges of the puzzle, then will start filling it in, if you follow my bad metaphor.


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