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Combined Operation

Ace Rimmer posted Mon at 23:02  -  Planetside 2
Got a combined op planned for Saturday at 7pm PST. Be there and be on time, this ones gonna be massive.

Just put the word out about an hour ago. So far it looks like it may be RNGA/CSTB/OSS1/TUBB/NT for platoon level, though that list will be updated tomorrow once I've heard back from a couple more crews. Also planning to try and coordinate a few crews for inter platoon coordination, could be anywhere from 24-48 guys running around all under one banner, coordinating with a few other groups of a similar size. Like I said, its gonna be a big one so get on, you don't wanna miss it.

Also, I would really appreciate someone streaming if anyone wants to volunteer?

Calender update

Ace Rimmer posted Mon at 22:58  -  Clan WidePlanetside 2
  • Calender has been updated,
  • Essentially I'm scheduled for Friday, bolds scheduled for Saturday, and I've scheduled training for an hour before the Saturday session, this way recruits should be able to go from training to tagging along with bolds session. Essentially if there is enough cadets ready to be trained present then training will commence, if not we'll just shoot shit and wait for bold to get on. Further emphasis will be put on training very soon, gonna clear out any filthy casuals from the roster, then look at refining whats there, then we build on it.
  • Looking for more people to book in time slots, Ratlan says he's keen to be scheduled and will get back to me once he figures it out, TheBroYouNeed too has been running a lot of squads, will see if I can get something of a schedule form him too. Any more volunteers are more than merrier.
  • I'll be on most days at about 7pm PST give or take, I really need a strong core of regulars to build around when I'm running open squads because it makes building discipline much, much easier, so do me a favor, and get on around that time next couple weeks so I can do some recruiting.
  • Scheduled random game nights for Wednesday and Sunday, essentially get on TS3 around that time and holla, we'll figure out something to play, Payday 2, CoH2, War Thunder, whatever we feel like at the time.

Early next week got something planned so stay tuned.
Called a general meeting at Saturday 7pm PST, check your inbox for details.

Ace Rimmer No worries bro, gonna start holding these regularly.
Moddakk Not sure if I'll make it, as my Grandparents are in town. I will try though.

I still have to rescout locations (I'll probably have that done before ya read this anyway) BUT, I think I've distilled it down quite considerably, and I do mean distilled, the individual soldier should still be of the same caliber if not higher, 90% of the stuff I scrapped was theory that can be moved to leadership training and is probably better off there. I reckon the lesson structure is much better and abides closer to the 4 stages of building a team (Forming>Storming>Norming>Performing), I can go into a 2 hour rant on the psychology of it if you must hear more on that, I'll skim over it for now though.

Down from 23 headings to 13, many of which are half the length. I've also changed the way many of the lessons are taught to make them more teaching reflex's to situations that pop up rather than theories they have to compute and figure out the reflex's on their own AND take not as long to teach not to mention being clearer. Also considering scrapping LA and Robocop sections, what you reckon? Any feedback for me?

Also to be clear, none of the graduates from 1.0 have to redo it unless they want to, but there is a couple of you that still need to drop your assessment form, you'll find it under Applications. Get it done lads or ya won't get the rank and the respect that goes with it.

This the ol version 1.0

This the new Version 1.1
Ace Rimmer LA thing can be taught to Officers and figured out in field, Robocop thing I'm still 50/50 on, gonna try and figure out ...
Rndmtsk I agree with the idea of scrapping the LA and Robocop sections from basic training. I think they'ed fit better in an adv ...

Thanks guys

Ace Rimmer posted Aug 9, 14  -  Planetside 2
Really appreciate you guys helping me run through training today, gave me a really good handle on what I can cut, what I can distill, what needs changing, etc. I also got a really good handle on what makes the biggest difference on the individual and what are the concepts that can be moved to advanced/leadership training. Woulda taken me a month on paper, after some hands on it'll take me a couple days cause I got a much better handle on what needs doing. I reckon I can cut down the overall time by about half now, cause I know exactly where it needs it and where it can't be afforded, cause I know what makes the biggest difference on the group of cadets and what does not.

A simple way of explaining it is, that I reckon I can break it down and distill it further into 'building blocks' and then instruct leaders on different ways of assembling those 'blocks', if ye know what I mean.


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